Our Story

We will not compromise on artistry and performance. Each mouthpiece is given the utmost attention.

Andrew has always had an interest in mouthpieces. In 2002, Andrew first met mouthpiece refacer and designer Brad Behn at clarinetist Andy Crisanti’s house in Fort Worth, Texas. Andy Crisanti was principal clarinetist of the Fort Worth Symphony at the time. Brad refaced two of Andrew Dahlke’s mouthpieces here, an older Selmer Airflow and a Meyer. Several years later, both Behn and Dahlke ended up in Colorado and Brad was hired to teach at the University of Northern Colorado (where Andrew was already teaching saxophone). It was here that Brad proposed the idea of collaborating on designing and manufacturing premium saxophone mouthpieces. Andrew’s passion to learn about mouthpieces, and to produce innovative, superior saxophone mouthpieces that could serve the most discriminating artists has been growing ever since. Combining Brad Behn’s knowledge and expertise in design, manufacturing, and craftsmanship with the broad experience, background, and innovative thinking of saxophonist Andrew Dahlke has resulted in a stunning new product: the Dahlke Mouthpieces Virtuoso Series RS classical alto saxophone mouthpiece. Also now available is the Professional Series RC traditional round chamber classical saxophone mouthpiece. The Virtuoso Series MJ jazz alto saxophone mouthpiece being developed in collaboration with Charles McPherson is in the final stages of testing.

Andrew Dahlke has enjoyed a successful career as a performer in both the classical and jazz communities and is professor of saxophone at the University of Northern Colorado. Andrew is a regular, top-call saxophonist for the Philadelphia Orchestra, and performs with them around the country. Early in his career, Andrew was a jazz saxophonist in New York City, freelancing and leading his own groups. Andrew recently released a recording (2 Discs) of J. S. Bach’s Solo Cello Suites on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. This project is a first of it’s kind and has received excellent reviews. Along with the recording, Andrew published performance editions of the suites. Andrew’s former teachers include Larry Teal, Sr., Donald Sinta, Eugene Rousseau, Jim Riggs, and Tim Ries.

We endeavor to produce saxophone mouthpieces that lead the field with innovative design, superior resonant materials, and the finest craftsmanship, resulting in vibrant, sophisticated mouthpieces that offer a brilliant palette of sound potential.